A percentage of the proceeds from MTN REEF™ Apparel sales is donated to two local wildlife non-profits: Cetus Research & Conservation Society, and Exposed Wildlife Conservancy. These two non-profits help protect our wildlife within the Canadian Rockies and the coastal waters of British Columbia. 



Cetus Research & Conservation Society is a non-profit marine conservation organization, dedicated to addressing the increasing endangerment of BC's killer whales due to human activities. They focus directly on one of the three key contributors to killer whale endangerment: vessel traffic disturbance. They work in the field to protect whales and other marine mammals from harassment and harm.


EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to raising awareness of critical wildlife and conservation issues in Canada. This includes exposing people to the beauty of our wild places and the wildlife within them to provide a better understanding of why they deserve our protection. Additionally, they work to expose current wildlife management practices lacking in scientific basis, ethics and/or social acceptability.