If you have had some great adventures and want to share them with our audience (people who love the outdoors) you're in the right place!

We are seeking great outdoor adventure stories that include heart, depth and self-discovery, that include the Coastline, Mountains, Lakes, Forests and trails on the West Coast of Canada. 

Our mission: to inspire more people to get outside. (So, no scary, life threatening stories!)

If you want to share your adventure, we want to hear it. Read the Story Criteria below first, and then send your story to 


Is there compensation for sharing my story?

We don't offer compensation, as we are creating a volunteer based story sharing platform for people who just genuinely want to share their story. 

What we do offer is sharing your name and links to your social media and website so that people who loved your story can read more.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

One of our favourite stories is one by writer and photographer, Paige Lucas, titled A Pilgrimage with My Father. Not only was it poetically written, but the images and personal depth to her story were magnetic. This is a great example of what we are looking for. 

How does it work?

Ideally (but not mandatory) your story is already posted to your own personal blog. We post a portion of your story to our website, with your pictures, and link to your blog post so that readers can continue reading your story on your blog.

If your story is short, we post the entire story, linking to your blog so that the readers can find more similar stories on your blog.  

Do I have to have my story already published on my own blog?

No, not at all! You can be brand new to writing and just want to give it a shot. We prefer sharing stories from already established blogs, only so that the reader can continue following that writer's work. But it's not mandatory. 

If you are wanting to try out writing for the first time, or just simply want to share your story, we want to hear it. We don't care about followers or how many years you've been doing it. All we care about is sharing great stories in the outdoors. 

If you want to share your story, send it to: